“This is my sons first year attending St. Francis Cathedral School and I can say it was the best decision my husband and I made thus far. As an Elementary School Principal myself, I researched many preschools for my son and I could not be happier we chose St. Francis. His teacher is kind, compassionate, and understands the needs of her students. She is responsive and helps my son to be successful in his learning environment. My son is thriving in his Pre-K program attending five full days per week. Emotionally, he loves going to school on a daily basis. Socially he has made many friends and through play dates we have had, I have also made friendships with the parents. Academically, I cannot believe the knowledge he has learned since the first day of school. He is already reading on a kindergarten reading level and he loves to read. Most importantly, my son cannot wait for the weekends to be over because he knows Monday morning he will be going to school!”

Dr. Lori M. Jones
Principal/Director of Curriculum and Instruction


“One of the single best decisions I have made as a parent was to enroll my daughter in the preschool program at St. Francis for the past two years.  Over this course of time, I have watched a quiet young girl transform into a confident, friendly leader.  Her transformation is testament to the nurturing tone, strong curriculum, and Catholic values that are at the heart of the preschool experience here at St. Francis.  In a supportive environment guided by teachers who truly love every single one of their students, children in both the PK3 and PK4 settings are introduced to essential classroom routines, grouped with peers in a variety of activities to enhance socialization, and taught using thematic and seasonal units designed to make instruction meaningful and engaging.  As a result, my daughter has been given the most precious of gifts–an idyllic, positive first impression of school.  In my opinion, there is no greater result that early childhood education can produce than that.  The blessed opportunity that she has been afforded is the reason why, with utmost pride, I tell others that my daughter attends preschool at St. Francis Cathedral School.

Christine Patalano


“I discovered St. Francis Cathedral School 4 years ago when my granddaughter was enrolled in the Pre-K program.  Not only had she received a structural foundation in her academics, but also the religious instruction has helped her to have an unbinding and firm faith in God.  The teachers are warm, caring and compassionate while building each students’ self esteem!  The individual treatment each student receives is impressive!

I would strongly recommend St. Francis Cathedral School to any parent looking to provide their child with the highest quality education possible, while building a strong sense of self worth and genuine love for their faith!”

Dr. M. Santiago


“St. Francis pre-k was an unexpected blessing to our family.  We chose SFCS pre-k for our first child 5 years ago and have never looked back!  All of our three children have (and our youngest is still) attended this amazing program.  The nurturing environment that the teachers provide is so special.  Beyond that, they also nurture friendships among the children as well as a learning environment that is educational as well as fun.  The progress our children have shown throughout their time in pre-k is heart-warming.  They have progressed in their knowledge, but more than that, they have become better at sharing with their friends, become more independent and confident, and have shown such love and respect in their everyday life.  We are so happy with our decision to have our children attend SFCS and are so proud of all the values the school embodies AND delivers to each and every child.”

Jessica DePasquale


“My eldest son started attending Saint Francis in 2013 and when it came time to enroll my youngest I knew without a doubt Saint Francis would be the best fit. The teachers at Saint Francis have made my child’s first experience with school remarkable. With an excellent curriculum and such positive classroom interactions, my youngest boasts of his love for his school, his friends, and his teachers. I could not ask for a better school than Saint Francis!”

Joanna Backiel